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Liquid Reflector - Bead Kits

Liquid Reflective PaintReflective Glass Beads Type1T-01 30-50 mesh Glass Oxide- mil spec size 4 0.30- 0.59 mm

Good consistent retoreflective performance. These can be intermixed into clear,transparent and translucent paints at the rate of ~5lbs per gallon or applied topically to wet paint at ~6lbs to the gallon. Refractive index 1.51, roundness 70% These are the beads we intermix in all our paints and include for topical application in all white and clear kits. size= loose beads resemble sand

  • 10 lbs $14.95 plus $10.25 shipping
  • 20 lbs $25.95 plus $10.25 shipping

Liquid Reflector BeadsReflective Glass Beads Airport Grade 12-20 mesh Glass Oxide- mil spec size 1 0.84- 1.68 mm

State of the art microspheres up to 95% roundness. Less than 1% air inclusions for increased clarity and retroreflection. These are topically applied to wet paint at the rate of ~7lbs per gallon. refractive index >1.51, roundness 95% size=loose beads resemble buckshot

  • 10 lbs $20.95 plus $10.25 shipping
  • 20 lbs $34.95 plus $10.25 shipping

Liquid Reflective PaintReflective Glass Beads Reflective Glass Beads 170-400 mesh Glass Oxide- mil spec size 13 0.037- 0.088 mm

Can be intermixed into clear,transparent paint and topically applied to white spray paint. These are similar to the small glass spheres found in reflective spray paints. Size= loose beads resemble powder

  • 10 lbs $14.95 plus $10.25 shipping
  • 20 lbs $25.95 plus $10.25 shipping

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If you head up a DoT or Commercial Business, we can help you with ADA compliant Detectable Warning Systems for the safety of visually impaired citizens in your community and within your premises.



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