Visul Flexstone Panels
ADA Approved Detectable Warning Systems

'Patents Pending'

Installation Demonstration

QEP Corporation's Visul surface mounted Detectable Warning System tiles are designed to make installation simple. The consistency of the adhesive and permanent flexibility of the tile ensures a quality installation every time.

To ensure a first class installation and complete customer satisfaction, we recommend that you have installation training. The instructions below are intended as a guide to installing our detectable warning system. Please download our document on installation as well.

Installation Procedure

Are you Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

If you head up a DoT or Commercial Business, we can help you with ADA compliant Detectable Warning Systems for the safety of visually impaired citizens in your community and within your premises.


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QEP Corporation supply (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act approved truncated dome tiles and detectable warning systems that currently has (DoT) Department Of Transportation approval in the states of South Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, West Virginia, Minnesota and North Carolina.
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