Visul Flexstone Panels
ADA Approved Detectable Warning Systems

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Visul Flexstone Panels FAQs

  1. How many tiles are there in a box? – 8 per box

  2. What size are the tiles?– 2ft x 1ft

  3. How much does a box of tiles weigh?– 26-31 lbs depending on tile

  4. How much does an adhesive kit weigh? – 11 lbs.

  5. How many tiles can be installed with 1 adhesive kit?– One adhesive kit will adhere one box of tiles on an average substrate.

  6. What equipment is required to install Visul Flexstone Panels? - •Power drill and paddle mix – to mix adhesive
    • Duck tape – to mark adhesive application area
    • Chalk line – pathfinder installation or rail road platform projects
    • Notched trowel – to apply the adhesive to the substrate
    • Small angle grinder with wire cup brush – surface preparation
    • Latex gloves – to protect hands
    • Paint thinner and shop rags - for cleaning up
    • Roller wheel – to remove trapped air

  7. In what conditions can the tiles be laid? – The temperature must be above 36°F. Temperature and radiant heat from the sun will affect cure times, the warmer the conditions, the faster the cure. If fitting tiles below 50°F ‘Visul Quik-Set’ adhesive is required.

  8. How long does the adhesive take to cure?– cure times vary dependant on temperature, Quik-set takes 30 minutes to 1 hour between 50 and 75°F respectively.

  9. Does Visul's truncated dome tile meet ADA requirements? - Yes. Visul Flex Stone Panels have been manufactured to function as the best truncated dome detectable warning surface available while meeting ADA / ADAAG requirements.

Are you Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

If you head up a DoT or Commercial Business, we can help you with ADA compliant Detectable Warning Systems for the safety of visually impaired citizens in your community and within your premises.


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