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ADA Truncated Domes

ada truncated domesThe truncated dome detectable warning tile are used to provide a warning that identifies the location of an intersection or curbside pedestrian crossing point. The truncated dome tile and detectable warning tile are used where vehicular traffic meets pedestrian traffic or where a curb ramp is used to provide a crossing point. Click Here to download the tile specification.

The parallel truncated dome tile pattern on this detectable warning tile allows wheelchair users to cross unimpeded and the visually impaired to read the position of a crossing and the direction to proceed. The groove matrix on our truncated dome tile gives a grip surface for wheelchair and walking cane users where the detectable warning tile is used on a sloping curbside ramp.

Our surface mounted truncated dome detectable warning tile is quick to install on a variety of substrates, whilst considering not only the minimizing of cost and disruption, but also the environmental impacts associated with the manufacture, transport, and installation of concrete, steel or GRP equivalents. Our truncated dome detectable warning tile is fully compliant with ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

Below are some benefits of the truncated dome tile and detectable warning tile

  • No Sound or Dust Pollution during Installation
  • Adheres to ALL Standard Surfaces
  • Product used SUCCESSFULLY Around the World
  • High Anti-skid Resistance
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance
  • No Heavy Plant Required During Installation
  • Odorless Adhesive
  • Recycled Products Used Manufacture
  • Matched Flexibility of Tile and Adhesive
  • Flexible Tiles that DON'T Crack like Concrete
  • Easy to Cut and Fit
  • Hardwearing, Outperforms Concrete 7 times
Download the truncated dome tile specification

Are you Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

If you head up a DoT or Commercial Business, we can help you with ADA compliant Detectable Warning Systems for the safety of visually impaired citizens in your community and within your premises.



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QEP Corporation supply (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act approved truncated dome tiles and detectable warning systems that currently has (DoT) Department Of Transportation approval in the states of South Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, West Virginia, Minnesota and North Carolina.
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