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Who Are We? What Do We Do?

ada truncated domesQuality Exterior Products (QEP) Corporation source quality products and materials from around the world, including Europe and Australia to manufacture in the USA.

Our mission is to try, where possible to aid disadvantaged people by creating employment opportunities for them. The employment opportunities we create could take the form of engaging them in our manufacturing process, distribution of products, or installing products we produce. The range of Visul Flexstone Panels has provided work for visually Impaired employees in Tennessee.

The QEP product range is becoming ever more diverse, covering many differing markets. We have developed a large range of products for many applications including: ‘tactile’ detectable warning surfaces aiding the blind and partially sighted pedestrians, emergency guidance products, decorative tiling and concourse tile products. All of our products boast very high anti-slip (Static Coefficient of Friction, 'SCOF') ASTM results.

We are in constant dialogue with our customers which has in turn created the ability to develop a market-leading product with a very high specification complimented with both ease and speed of installation. Working along side our customers, we are constantly looking for new product and market areas and are happy to consider new applications, product developments, small orders, or sample runs.

QEP Corporations’ range of Visul surface mounted products has performed consistently in a full range of test procedures as well as in application. We also have an experienced team of installation experts who can assist you in planning, training, installation support, or can offer installation service.

At QEP Corporation, we endeavor to provide a high quality service in all areas from product development, order response, customer service, through to product and after-sales support.

Are you Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

If you head up a DoT or Commercial Business, we can help you with ADA compliant Detectable Warning Systems for the safety of visually impaired citizens in your community and within your premises.


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QEP Corporation supply (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act approved truncated dome tiles and detectable warning systems that currently has (DoT) Department Of Transportation approval in the states of South Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, West Virginia, Minnesota and North Carolina.
Working together with disadvantaged people to create a secure future.
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